National Stress Awareness Day

Its National Stress Awareness Day today so in light of that comes my next blog.Stress

We can all suffer with Stress; it’s really no wonder when we are under such pressure that comes from all directions; Work, Money, Relationships etc… It’s never ending and it’s on-going. Our metaphorical ‘stress bucket’ fills up. When we have too much in our ‘bucket’ we struggle to sleep. When we sleep and go into REM (Rapid Eye Movement), we deal with the stresses of the day. However, if it’s too full then our mind wakes us up, which means we wake up with our ‘bucket’ still full from the previous day and the day continues to throw more negative and anxious thoughts and feelings into the bucket on top of yesterday’s stress!! Now you can see the vicious circle we can get ourselves into…

How many times have you had a bad day and reeled off about 10 things that have gone wrong that day! Even down to the fact that; the tights you’ve put on now have a ladder in or you’ve dropped your toast on the floor and of course it landed butter side down and now you’re starving because you’re late and can’t make any more… How many red lights do you regularly stop at every day but that one day when ‘it’s all going wrong’ you’ve had to stop at EVERY SINGLE traffic light… and so the catastrophizing continues…! Even the small things become big things and you start to lose focus on any positive things that may have also happened that day. Never mind the fact that the children may have got up and dressed themselves for school without you asking. This pales into insignificance and they still feel the wrath of your tongue when you’re trying to get out the door.

We’ve all been there… our stress levels are building and we just don’t see the positive things in life at all; you have people that love you, you have a roof over your head, you do have a job and regular income, you can afford to put food on the table, you have a car to get you from A to B. How many times have you uttered the words, “Well that’s just my luck…” or “well that’s just typical, it would happen to me” or even “it’s just one of those days!”

Now of course a lot of the examples that I’ve described here are really quite trivial but you can see how they accumulate and we start to feel like we can’t cope. There are much bigger traumas that you can go through; loss of a loved one or relationship breakdown, but when you’re in a better frame of mind you’re just able to deal with them. A lot of the clients I see just don’t understand why they feel the way they do, they don’t really have too much stress in their life… but it’s the negative thought patterns that can get them stuck in that vicious circle.

When everything is getting on top of us, it’s hard to find the positives; but it’s so important to try. Our minds are full of neurological pathways that are strengthened over time and constantly building. The more we do things, the stronger the pathways become. It becomes second nature and we do things without even having to think about it. Driving a car… or that pin number that you use all the time, but when you stop using it, you no longer remember it (damn you contactless). It can become that way with our negative thinking too.

This is why Hypnotherapy is so effective. We don’t focus on the negatives or what has gone wrong and why, we can’t change the past so why continue to go over it and drag up old feelings that ultimately end up in our ‘bucket’. We simply focus on the small positives in life because by looking at the small positives we can build them up to be big positives and we can see where we can make big changes to improve our life and make us happy. So you can see why hypnotherapy is sustainable; we can break those bad habits and create new, more positive neurological pathways in our mind. Scientists have discovered that our minds are plastic, they call it Neuroplasticity and we can build our skills and change bad habits for a much brighter future.Rainbow

Don’t let stress and anxiety get on top of you, Hypnotherapy can you give you the tools and understanding to make changes to ensure that you don’t continue to suffer.